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This is somewhat shocking, but In response to allegations that he
fabricated a quote from Karen Greenberg, Max Blumenthal goes on to
blatanly further misrepresent Greenberg.  From Blumenthal’s response

“Greenberg’s statement to me did not come out of the blue: A book she
co-authored with Joshua Dratel, “The Road to Abu Ghraib,” contains a
lengthy section on Israeli court rulings authorizing torture and
torture techniques refined by the Shin Bet.”

According to Blumenthal, the Greenberg’s book claims that Israeli
court rulings actually AUTHORIZED torture.  Here is what the book
actually says (page 604 and 605 –

Under a section titled, “Israeli Supreme Court Judgement Regarding the
Legality of the General Security Service’s Interrogation Methods”
Greenberg states:

“According to the Israeli Supreme Court, however, there is a necessary
balancing process between a government’s duty to ensure that human
rights are protected and its duty to fight terrorism.  The results of
that balance, the Israeli Supreme Court stated, are the rules for a
“reasonable interrogation” – defined as an interrogation which is (1)
“necessarily one free of torture, free of cruel, inhuman treatment of
the subject and free of any degrading handling whatsoever”; and (2)
“likely to cause discomfort.”

“Turning to the specific interrogation methods before it, the Court
concluded that shaking, the “frog crouch,” the “shabach” position,
cuffing causing pain, hooding, the consecutive playing of powerfully
loud music and the intentional deprivation of sleep for a prolonged
period of time are all prohibited interrogation techniques.”

Greenberg goes on to quote the Israeli court – “All these methods do
not fall withiin the sphere of a “fair” interrogation.  They are not
reasonable.  They impinge upon the suspect’s dignity, his bodily
integrity and his basic rights in an excessive manner (or beyond what
is necessary).  They are not to be deemd as included within the
general power to conduct investigations.”

Greenberg goes on, “The Israeli Supreme Court explained that the
restrictions applicable to police investigations are equally
applicable to GSS investigations and that there are no grounds to
permit GSS interrogators to engage in conduct which would be
prohibited in regular police interrogation.

In other words, Blumenthal claims that Greenberg’s book discusses how
the Israeli supreme court AUTHORIZED torture when her book actually
does the EXACT opposite – discussing how the Israeli Supreme Court


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